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How To Cure Vaastu Dosh Causing Financial Problems

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

As per the science of Vastu Shastra, when the five elements of the cosmic universe are misaligned, it results in negative energies causing hurdles in one's life. Vastu Shashtra places weight on redirecting the energy fields to give the best possible results in various aspects of life.

Resolving money problems with Vastu and Numero
Resolving money problems with Vastu and Numero

At Vastu Nirmans, Our vastu expert, Ms. Rupali Tripathi aims to give results with Vastu without demolition. Our goal is to help every person get deserved happiness and make their life better. Read ahead to know more about Vastu Dosh causing financial problems.

Money is a fundamental need for every person to sustain life and tend to the needs and aspirations of the family. Many times, Vastu dosh or Vastu defects can cause the negative energies to gain prominence and hinder your financial growth, monetary abundance and related problems.

Facing financial problems in business or your house can cause perpetual stress and anxiety, leading to poor health.

Financial issues can crop up in the form of the following:

  1. Monetary Losses - Due to Vastu Dosh, a person might face loss of money due to unplanned business, theft, dispute.

  2. Unwarranted Expenditures - In such cases, even when the business or job is going well, you will have to make unwanted or unplanned expenditures out of the blue at the workplace or home. For Example - Sudden, huge expenses arise in the form of faults in electric wiring, heavy structural repairs, or frequent breakdown of machinery.

  3. Consistent outflow of savings - There could be unexplained reasons that crop up every now and then, arising the need to spend your savings. The constant drainage of saved money is a dangerous red flag as these losses can eventually lead to bankruptcy or poor financial condition of the household.

  4. Frequent Blockage of Money - You may get into situations where your money gets blocked either on the business front or personal front. You might have lent money to someone, invested it, or deposited it, and gets blocked. Even after many efforts, you are unable to retrieve it.

  5. Increase in Debt - Unnecessary debt is dangerous as a person usually gets trapped in the vicious circle of repayment and interest burdens. Negative Vastu can cause a gradual or sudden increase in debt. You may not be able to repay the loans or take more loans to repay the old ones.

Here is a list of some Vastu Tips to correct the Vastu Dosh, causing financial problems and increasing the money flow.

  1. Keeping the house clean and clutter-free is very essential for good Vastu. If you are facing money problems, always keep the North East Corner clutter-free and clean.

  2. Always place your locker or safe in the southwest of premises.

  3. The locker or safe should never open towards the west n south direction. It leads to losses and money outflow.

  4. Place an aquarium in the North-East direction of your premises.

  5. Ensure there are no water leakage points in the house. Any water leakages in any part of the premises should be immediately repaired.

These tips are easy to adopt and should be adopted immediately. For a more detailed Vastu consultation (without demolition), you can reach out to us and bring abundant happiness to your life. WhatsApp: 84710 95196

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